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Thank you for considering adopting a baby through Transitions. We know you have probably traveled a long and difficult road to get here. Therefore, we want to make your adoption experience as pleasant as possible. Here are some answers to the most Commonly Asked Questions we encounter:


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an age limit for adopting families?
The short answer is no. We don’t believe in arbitrarily setting an age limit. We recognize there are wonderful people of all ages who can be loving parents. Of course, by law, we cannot place a baby with somebody who is less than 18 years of age. Also, when deciding whether or not someone is too old, we question whether an adoptive parent will be able to see the child into adulthood. Otherwise, we look at each family on a case by case basis.

What if we already have children, will you work with us?
Absolutely. Just as we don’t set an arbitrary age limit on adoptive families, we do not set a limit as to the number of children in a family. We know that large families can be as good a place for a child to grow up as smaller families. Again, we look at each family on a case by case basis.

Do I have to be married to adopt a child?
No. We have placed babies with single parents. So long as you have an approved homestudy, we will not turn you away. However, we do ask birth parents what their criteria are in an adoptive family. We honor their requests.

If we live in a state other than Pennsylvania, can you work with us?
Yes. There are very few states with laws that are incompatible with Pennsylvania that would make it impossible for us to work with you. But before you begin the application process, you should check with us to be sure your state is not one of them.

Do we have to give the birth parents our first and last names?
No. In fact, adoption laws require that we keep identifying information such as last names and addresses confidential, unless you tell us otherwise. We do ask each adopting family to provide pictures and letters at least once per year for the birth parents. Normally, Transitions would serve as the intermediary. If a birth parent doesn’t want pictures and letters, we keep them in the file should they later change their mind. If they want letters and pictures more frequently, we will let you know ahead of time, and you can decide if you feel comfortable with that. If not, you can decline a referral until one is made that makes you feel more comfortable.

How does your agency hear about
babies who are available for adoption?

A number of ways. Hospital social work departments, pre-natal clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, all refer women to us who are considering adoption. In addition, we make a point of going out into the community and providing education about adoption. Also, sometimes women who have already placed one child for adoption with our agency choose to work with us again.


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